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Our Annual Event

This is where it all begins! 


Our Annual Event kickstarts our year of networking. For new applicants, registering adds you to our Family, and invites you to our series of mini networking events throughout the calendar year. And, just like your own bloodline – you know our love "will not fade away".


The earlier you register, the sooner you can begin getting to know us and connecting with our incredibly diverse community of like-minded professionals. To register, fill out this form and Deb will give you a call – we’re all about getting personal! For existing Family Members, we recommend locking in your spot – "don’t you let that deal go down".


About the Event: 


Pre-screened attendees at the Annual Event will enjoy an incredible evening of networking paired with music, food, and drink. Each guest goes home with our prized Attendance Roster aka “Set List” cataloging everyone who registered for the event in addition to a super groovy sponsor bag (even if you can't make it to the event). 

Annual Events host 375 guests and attendees are limited per business category, in order to maximize networking opportunities. 

Mini Networking Events Throughout the Year

VIP Events

Curated, intimate events organized for

Premier Sponsors with thoughtful

discussion and amazing wine. 

50-60 Attendees

Approximately 10 per year

Jam Sessions

Music brings our Family together,

especially at our monthly Jams.

Open to all Family Members.

60 - 70 Attendees

Approximately 12 per year

NextGen Hangs

Get-togethers and mentoring for younger

Family Members who never saw Jerry.

20 - 40 Attendees

Approximately 6 per year

Ladies Hangs

Networking and socializing

for our Family's strongest arm,

the ladies.

20 - 40 Attendees

Approximately 6 per year

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