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Deborah Solomon

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Jack McGuire

Senior Advisor, "Touch of Grey" Advisory Board

Jack is Deputy General Counsel at Oppenheimer, and has been in the financial services industry for over 35 years. He is a proud alum of St. Joseph’s College, Brooklyn and New York Law School. Jack is also the drummer of his band Exile on Broad Street. His first show was 1972 and is blessed to have seen both Brent and Pigpen on stage (yeah, he’s old!) making him the ideal Senior Advisor of our Advisory Board. 

Jay Caauwe

Advisor, "Touch of Grey" Advisory Board

Drawing from his extensive background, Jay Caauwe is a consultant and freelance writer for derivatives trading and cannabis operations. He also serves as an advisor to WSDaH and is an active board member of the Rex Foundation. Jay is an avid kayaker and enjoys noddling on his guitar, banjo and mandolin 

Keri Snyder

Advisor,"Touch of Grey"Advisory Board and Podcast Co-Host 

Keri joined the WSDaH Family in 2017 & wrangled the NextGen crew just a year later. In 2019 she joined forces with another family member to co-create and co-host the WSDaH podcast, Suits & Tie Dyes. When she's not bebopping around (safely, of course) from show to show, she can be found cheering for the Steelers, arranging flowers, snacking on pickles and living her very own sunshine daydream with the WSDaH fam! 


Antonio Reonegro

Artistic Advisor

Tony Reonegro is renown as the Grateful Dead's Backstage Pass artist and our resident aesthetic consultant. When he's not sketching at our events or bringing his signature skeletons to life, he's the principal owner of HAVOC Media Design; a multi-disiplined creative studio that elevates the identities of their clients through innovative art and design. 



Jill Matlow

Feature Writer

When she's not putting 'pen to paper', Jill's true loves are horses, kayaking, yoga, truffle fries and volunteering at Pajama Program. Jill is a graduate of Ithaca College, with a BS degree in Business Administration (Personnel and Industrial Relations). She is also open to any new freelance writing opportunities which might come her way.

Katie Sexton

Social Media Maven

Katie is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology where she obtained her degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications. She is an animal lover, ukulele player and bellbottom enthusiast. Being raised by deadhead parents ensured she would become one herself.  She loves creating Grateful Dead inspired art at but most of all, she loves being a part of WSDaH!


Rob Frohm

The Man Behind the Scenes

The man with the van and a plan, Rob has worn many hats since our inception. While running Dog Woods Camp, a dog kennel in Mahopac, Rob works behind the scenes assisting with whatever needs to be done to make sure "the music never stopped".

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