Drum Circle

Tired of panels and lectures, but still want to learn?

Join us for our first informative WSDA Drum Circle!

Licensing Drum Circle

Discover the intricacies of licensing with our Family of professionals as they discuss personal experiences marching to the beat of their own drum! Taylor, Antonio and Michael will address the opportunities and obstacles of being an entrepreneur in an increasingly digital economy and will answer legal and business-related questions around licensing, distribution and developing an online presence.

Come see what it takes (or doesn't) to sell licensed merchandise

and get to know the laws.

Event includes a one hour interactive talk, showcase of both Antonio and Taylor's products and light refreshments. 

Open to the public, but WSDA Family have priority.

For Full Details and to Register:

DATE: May 2, 2018


TIME: 6 - 8 PM



Antonio Reonegro is a talented artist and Co-Owner of Havoc Media Design. He is passionate about painting, photography, drawing, and all facets of graphic design. Reonegro has designed and created artwork for the Grateful Dead since 1989 including over 160 illustrated Backstage passes, t-shirts, logos, and sketches. A series of his backstage passes can be found on display at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. His Grateful Dead artwork was also featured in an exhibit at the NY Historical Society in New York City. 

Over the course of 20 years, Antonio has worked with a variety of clients ranging from the NY Yankees to the Staten Island Film Festival. Additionally, Antonio currently teaches Film/Digital Photography at Wagner College alongside his ongoing career as an independent artist. 


Michael Goldberg is a partner at Pryor Cashman and a member of the firm's IP, Litigation and Media + Entertainment Groups. In this role, Michael represents a wide range of entities involved in the design, manufacture and sale of apparel, watches, jewelry and accessories. He has commenced and defended suits under the Lanham Act regarding trademark rights of branded apparel companies and litigates in courts across the county to protect his client's critical business interests and valuable IP rights.


Michael regularly litigates copyright infringement and trade dress claims, disputes between licensors and licensees and contractual issues related to the quality and timeliness of merchandise deliveries. He also enjoys a good Help>Slip>Frank to bring him safely home. 


As the creative founder of Little Hippie, Taylor specializes in illustration, licensed merchandising & branded product development. Possessing an ability to create artwork that is at once classic and timely, Taylor is also an astute entrepreneur with an ear to emerging trends and technologies, Both an expert in the art of the counter culture and a figure in it, Taylor's artwork has become iconic in its own right with many of her images now being riffed on by other artists as part of the ever-evolving Grateful Dead lexicon. 

With over fourteen years experience as a Grateful Dead licensee, Taylor is well familiar with the ins and outs of licensing contracts, merchandising deals and artist agreements. Adding a license with The Jim Henson Company to Little Hippie last year, Taylor has poised the company to grow by further replicating this model. 

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